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Nigerian Law Resources (one of Nigeria’s leading law websites) is a professional legal research infrastructure wholly committed to providing the unique gateway to valuable Nigerian legal information on various aspects of Nigerian law. These include the following: Nigerian law eBooks and books, Nigerian Constitution (Nigerian Constitution eBook or e-Book), Nigerian legal research, Nigerian legislation, Nigerian judiciary (Nigerian court system and administration of justice), Nigerian legislature (Nigerian National Assembly, House of Assembly of each of the States, and Local Government Legislative Councils). The Nigerian Law Resources website provides free access to diverse resources on Nigerian law.  It is hoped that you would find valuable legal information on this website. Thank you so much for visiting our website!

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Nigerian Law Books and eBooks (e-Books or Electronic Books)

Books provide the best source of knowledge.They are simply indispensable. And that explains why generations of humankind, right from the beginning of history, have always cherished, and improved the nature of, books. In today’s technocentric world, traditional paper (brick-and-mortar) books can no longer meet the book needs of humanity. The invention of electronic books (eBooks or e-Books) has revolutionized reading experience and introduced turnkey production of books for instant worldwide distribution. Therein lies the urgent need to have Nigerian law books in eBook format.

Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria: An Encyclopaedic Guide

NIGERIAN lAW: Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria eBook by Leesi Ebenezer MiteeRivers State was created out of the former Eastern Nigeria on 27 May 1967. The State inherited legislation contained in The Laws of Eastern Nigeria 1963 and those enacted between 1963 and 1967. The first and only revision of the Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria was published as The Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria 1999 containing legislation still in force at that time. It should be noted that by virtue of section 3 of the Revised Edition (Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria) Law 1991, there may be Laws which, although omitted in The Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria 1999, still have the force of law, just like those included in it. Unfortunately, there is an operational disconnect between the enactment of legislation and their publication in the official form either in the Official Gazette or in bound annual volumes as required by law. Consequently, it becomes a Herculean task to search for every piece of legislation which may be hidden in volumes of files containing signed copies or among thousands of copies of the Official Gazette littered in several locations! Herein lies one aspect of the indispensability of this book, the first edition of which was published in 1994. Without this book, even lawyers may not be aware of some of the existing Laws. Click here to buy the Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria: An Encyclopaedic Guide eBook (available for purchase and immediate download from all Amazon websites worldwide).

Nigerian Law Articles (NLA) – Publish Your Legal Articles Today (Free)

Publish your law articles free of charge in the Nigerian Law Articles (NLA) forum of this website. It provides a sure, easy, and fast online platform for publishing legal articles relating to any aspect of the law in Nigeria. Share your opinion with the world. You invested time and resources to produce that speech, paper presented at law conferences, seminars, and workshops, therefore realize the benefit of your contribution by publishing here on this website, as long as the article has Nigerian legal content. The process is hassle-free. Click here for details on the Nigerian Law Articles (NLA) webpage.



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