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Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria: An Encyclopaedic Guide eBook by Leesi Ebenezer MiteeNigerian Law Research (Nigerian Legal Research) webpage features information on current legal research in Nigeria. Leesi Ebenezer Mitee is a Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Law Researcher, Author of Nigerian law eBooks and print books, and Social Media Communicator. In 1998, Leesi Mitee was hired by the United Nations as the National Consultant (Nigeria) for the Capacity Development for Social Reconciliation Project. Its goal was to research and analyse legislation on Arms (Weapons) Control in Mali, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana with a view to assessing the juridical foundations of the proposed West Africa Moratorium on Small Arms (light weapons). Based on the findings and recommendations of the Project, on 30 October 1998, sixteen states in West Africa signed the Moratorium, thereby agreeing to ban the production, import, and export of small arms for a three-year trial period, which enabled the United Nations to commence its implementation.

In addition to teaching and general law research, his special interests include public access to legislation as a human right; development of online legal information infrastructure (including publishing of law eBooks) to facilitate public access to legislation; legal systems; legal education; and the legal framework for e-Commerce.

He is a member of the International Bar Association; Society of Legal Scholars (United Kingdom); Association of Law Teachers (United Kingdom); Statute Law Society (United Kingdom); Nigerian Bar Association (Nigeria); and The Internet Society (USA).

Leesi’s books include Laws of Rivers State: A Comprehensive Guide (1994) on the basis of which he became a Law Research Consultant to the Rivers State Government on the Laws of Rivers State; Nigerian Legal System: A Fundamental Approach (Volume 1 – 2001 & Volume 2 – 2002); Mitee’s Business Law Series (2002); and Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria: An Encyclopaedic Guide. He has also published professional law articles.





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