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Importance of Law eBooks (e-Books)

Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria: An Encyclopaedic Guide eBook by Leesi Ebenezer MiteeAs an instrument of social engineering, law is dynamic in nature in order to respond timeously to contemporary developments in the society. Obviously, traditional physical (brick-and-mortar) law books lack the versatility to reflect current changes in the law – most times the information in them becomes obsolete by the time they get out of the press. However, print-on-demand publishing technology has emerged to reduce the delay in the printing process required for the production of physical books. Yet, only eBooks can meet the need for optimum versatility in the modern nature of books, especially law books that contain discussions on recent legislation and contemporary developments in case law. Herein lies the indispensability of law eBooks. And that is the philosophy underlying the publishing of Nigerian law eBooks.

The first phase of these Nigerian law eBooks include the following:

  • Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria eBook (available for purchase and immediate download from all Amazon websites worldwide)
  • Laws of the Federation of Nigeria eBook (upcoming)
  • Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 eBook: Full Text Annotated, All Amendments Incorporated (upcoming)
  • Nigerian Law of Evidence eBook: Full Text of the Evidence Act 2011 With Notes, Annotated (upcoming)
  • Nigerian Company Law eBook: Full Text of Nigerian Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, Annotated (upcoming)
  • Laws of Bayelsa State of Nigeria eBook (upcoming)
  • PLUS United States of America Constitution eBook (US Constitution eBook) –  (upcoming)

This collection is a must-have affordable legal resource for law researchers, legal practitioners, business executives, companies, professionals, students, and all those interested in the historical and day-to-day development of Nigerian legislation. You can read them on your computer, mobile phone, Amazon Kindle, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, and other eReaders hand-held devices. The colossal importance of this unprecedented project is self-evident.

Nigerian Constitution eBook (e-Book) With All Amendments and Annotation

Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999: Full Text With Annotation By Leesi Ebenezer Mitee

Nigerian Constitution 1999 eBook With All Amendments and Annotation will be available soon. The Nigerian Constitution eBook is not merely an application containing the dead text of the Nigerian Constitution. No. The Nigerian Constitution eBook is a living book written by a lawyer (legal practitioner) containing the full text of the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (all amendments incorporated) plus legal comments and notes (annotation). In this way, the Nigerian Constitution eBook is designed to meet the need of lawyers and non-lawyers.

If you would want us to inform you of the availability of these and other Nigerian law eBooks when published or how to buy and download them, please CLICK HERE TODAY to send us your email address through our Online Contact Form. Act now.





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