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Nigerian Legal Articles: Nigerian Law Articles By Nigerian Law ResourcesThe Nigerian Law Articles (NLA) forum is designed to provide a sure, easy, and fast online platform for publishing legal articles relating to any aspect of Nigerian law. Nigerian law articles published here are not refereed nor edited by Nigerian Law Resources. That means all Nigerian law articles are published “as is”. Consequently, every author is responsible for all errors and every information in the content of their article. Papers that would have been published on the Nigerian Law Conferences, Seminars & Workshops Page will be published under Nigerian Law Articles (Nigerian Legal Articles).

One feature of Nigerian Law Articles (NLA) is that it provides a uniform reference system for users of its articles based on the Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities. According to the University of Oxford, “The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities is designed to facilitate accurate citation of authorities, legislation, and other legal materials. It is widely used in law schools and by journal and book publishers in the UK and beyond. OSCOLA is edited by the Oxford Law Faculty, in consultation with the OSCOLA Editorial Advisory Board. OSCOLA was shortlisted for the Halsbury Legal Awards, 2013 Award for Academic Contribution”. The citation will always appear after the title and before the content of the article. An example of the OSCOLA format is as follows:

Sarah Cole, ‘Virtual Friend Fires Employee’ (Naked Law, 1 May 2009)
nakedlaw .com/2009/05/index .html> accessed 19 November 2009


Submission of Legal Articles for Publication Policy: Nigerian Law Articles (NLA)

  • If you have any articles or papers you would want the Nigerian Law Resources to publish here (free of charge, of course), please email the final version (carefully proofread, edited, and corrected) to us. Please note that you are fully responsible for the entire contents of your articles and expressly agree that you will completely indemnify Nigerian Law Resources for any action or loss whatsoever as a result of your publication including but not limited to plagiarismcopyright infringement or errors.
  • Please, upload your articles or papers through the Web Form below or submit it as an email attachment to
  • Your submission of any paper for publication is an absolute declaration that you own the entire copyright in the article or paper and that you indemnify Nigerian Law Resources and its publisher against any legal action or legal liability that may arise as a result of the publication of your article or paper.
  • If your article or paper does not conform strictly to our specifications (e.g. it must be in Microsoft Word), we will not be able to publish it, please. We can only notify you of the publication of your article or paper, not of its rejection due to any reason whatsoever.
  • This is a free service, and we are not under any obligation whatsoever to you. It is part of our contribution to access to Nigerian legal information.





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