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Five-Year Duration Of Nigerian Law Degrees Is A Waste Of Time By Leesi Ebenezer Mitee

Leesi Ebenezer Mitee: Five-Year Duration Of Nigerian Law Degrees Is A Waste Of Time

First published on Sunday, 24 April 2011, 3:17 pm

Some years ago, the duration of a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) was increased from four to five years throughout Nigerian universities. The extra year is absolutely unnecessary – a complete waste of precious time, manpower and financial resources. How many countries in this world have such a policy on law degrees? Yet Nigerian universities rank far, far behind universities in many other countries without such a policy.

Those behind this strange policy argued that it was necessary for purposes of enhancing the quality of Nigerian law degrees. One does not need to possess Solomonic wisdom to know that such an argument is totally untenable. The best way to enhance the quality of Nigerian law degrees is to overhaul the entire system from admission procedures to the activities of lecturers. Only qualified students should be admitted. It is no secret that some lecturers in Nigerian universities and other tertiary institutions allocate marks and grades to students based on monetary bribes, sexual indulgence and other sinful and exploitative demands. Nigerian movies and publications feature them in an attempt to expose these despicable acts as shown on the following websites:

Some of these lecturers do not hide their illicit demands, and nobody holds them accountable. Cases abound of victimisation of students who would not give in to such illegal, immoral, heinous, and unprofessional demands – they are made to fail their courses.

There is urgent need for legislation that can stop this trend. It is most unfortunate that sexual harassment, which is committed with a newspapery everydayness in Nigeria, is not given the serious recognition it deserves as criminal and morally despicable conduct. Sexual harassment should be a criminal offence under the Nigerian system of criminal justice, with serious criminal liability, as part of the protection of the rights of women.




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