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Enhancing Sustainable Development By Entrenching Mediation Culture In Nigeria [Nigerian Law]

Enhancing Sustainable Development By Entrenching Mediation Culture In Nigeria

Ayinla Lukman A*

Ph.D (IIUM, Malaysia), LL.M (Ife), BL. (Abuja), LL.B., Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria, e-mail:

“Alternative models can teach cooperation rather than emphasizing conflict, openness rather than secrecy, and dependence on oneself rather than authorities for the resolution of problems.” Judge Dorothy Wright Nelson


The application and preference for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is now popular in Nigeria, although there are still some misconceptions about its true application. This has necessitated the need for the entrenchment of ADR for sustainable development particularly through the court. However, it is observed that mediation is popular but has not been fully entrenched by way of putting in place all the integral mechanisms so as to positively impact on access to justice and justice delivery of the country. Thus, this article attempts to address this gap and proffer possible solution.

Key Words: ADR processes, Mediation, Court-Annexed Mediation, Sustainable development and Nigeria.





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