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WordPress Websites and Blogs: Linux Versus Windows WordPress Hosting (A Knockout)

WordPress Websites and Blogs: Linux Versus Windows WordPress Hosting (A Knockout) by Leesi Ebenezer Mitee


For months, I had less than hourly (and most times, more) email notifications of my WordPress website being down. The emails were so many that It became a daily task to delete them from overwhelming my inbox. It was so frustrating and annoying, indeed!

One week ago, I called my hosting company and complained furiously about it. No one would want their time and energy invested in running a website jeopardized by ceaseless downtime (website temporarily offline or inaccessible). The technical support staff identified that the problem must have been caused by the Windows hosting platform, and that it will be solved by migrating to Linux. I permitted him to effect the change.

I can confirm that ever after that change from Windows to Linux, Nigerian Law Resources website has run smoothly without any downtime notification. It’s simply incredible! In addition, I just installed Jetpack Plugin update in just moments, but the same installation had aborted several times while my website was hosted on Windows server.

Never ever host your WordPress website or blog on Windows platform; do it on Linux, where WordPress rightly belongs. And that is the bottom line. The incontrovertible result of the Linux versus Windows WordPress hosting is a terminal knockout of Windows hosting by WordPress hosting.

“A word is enough for the wise,” they say.




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